Workshop of CFA and SEM

Confirmatory factor analysis and structure equation model

Download .zip CFA

Get a Relatively Good Model

Calculate Composites

Go to >>> Analyze menu >>> Data Imputation >>> Regression Imputation


  1. No missing values
  2. No space in factor names

Model Construction

Same as SEM.

Model Fit


CMIN --- CMIN/DF: < 3 (good); < 5 (OK)
CMIN --- P: > .05
RMR,GFI --- GFI: >.95
RMR,GFI --- AGFI: >.80
Baseline Comparison --- CFI: >.95 (good); > .90 (OK); > .80 (barely OK)
Parsimony-Adjusted Measure --- PCFI: >.80
RMSEA --- RMSEA: <.05 (good); >.05 && <.10 (OK); >.10 (barely OK)
RMSEA --- PCLOSE: >.05

CMIN/DF and P-value together tell you whether you model has a good fit; if the result is not within the range of metrics while you have a big number of sample, it is OK.


Go to Modification Indices >>> Covariances and look for big number of M.I. between each pair of errors. Covariate ONLY those pair of errors at the same level.

For more information, please see Dr. Gaskin's website.