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Online Question & Answer of Learning Computer Science

This project explores using Q & A to accommodate more computer science students and improve the quality of communication among instructors and students.


There are currently two directions that I am pursuing with my colleagues and students:

Publications under this topic include:

Active Learning Classrooms

This project investigates the impacts of active learning environment on computer science students. Although active learning environment been studied in other fields extensively, it was rarely studied in the context of computer science education. This project intends to extend such discussions to computer science education and making progress on methods


Publications under this topic include:

Automated Formative Feedback

I am collaborating with Michael Tsikerdekis, another CS faculty from WWU on this project.

Feedback was historically studied as a subproblem of auto-grading. Here are a few things that we do different:

Quantification of Prior Knowledge in Computer Science

This is a replication project that intends to explore the role of prior knowledge of CS students in their current performance. We are focusing on students taking entry-level CS courses, such as CS1 and CS2.

Identification of Signs of Struggling in Large Computer Science Courses

This project intends to capture the sign of struggling in large computer science courses as early as possible.